Welcome to Econo Pizza

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.
-George Bernard Shaw

Econo Pizza & Wings located in the heart of Newmarket is a rising star of great tasting pizzas. It’s unbeatable pizzas, pastas and subs promise to leave you with mouthwatering flavours. This place is consisted of an amazing line of cooks who prepare your order with the love for food and welcoming staff who are always delighted to serve you in the best manner.

At Econo Pizza only expect to be served with healthy yet delicious-tasting food enriched with fresh ingredients. Without any kind of restriction we give you full freedom with making your orders so you can look forward to receiving your food exactly the way you want. It will exceed your expectation from the way your food looks to how it tastes.

Reasons why you should dine with us:

  • - Pizzas and other items on the menu are made from fresh ingredients
  • - Variety of items on the menu
  • - Matchless low prices
  • - Special offers that give you more food for les